University High School Stadium

The Athletic Facilities project at University City High School was one of three separate improvement projects on the campus, which also included overall site/access improvements, and a whole site modernization. The improvement of the existing athletic facilities throughout the campus included providing; storage and training buildings, practice fields, softball, baseball and soccer fields and culminating in the installation of sports lighting and synthetic turf & surfaces at the stadium track and field.

Included with the stadium improvements was a new entry building housing separate ticket areas, concessions, and restroom facilities for fans of both home and away teams. A new pedestrian access promenade terminates into a dual level plaza at the entry gateway, allowing for pregame pep rallys and alumni events, with a new identify tower defining the entry into the stadium. Topped with transparent glass, this allows school colors to be displayed with the use of LED lighting to announce evening events and highlight school spirit. Overall, the project, in conjunction with the other improvements, dramatically improves the accessibility, educational, and athletic opportunities on campus.