The Village Presbyterian Church

The Village of Rancho Santa Fe is governed by an Association which enforces a “covenant”, almost 100 years old, that provides strict guidelines for ALL development within its boundaries. The project began with a Master Plan of the entire campus which includes future structures. Entitlements were secured with San Diego County and the Rancho Santa Fe Association.

Given the rigid constraints of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Jury mandating a Spanish Colonial style, the architects created a very quiet and residentially scaled exterior in that style, and carved a new entry axis, courtyard and drop-off between a grove of large, mature trees. The design team then focused on the interior to create some of the most surprising, dramatic and unexpected spaces inside.

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A new column and niche filled Narthex/ Lobby links the old Sanctuary (now a Chapel), a reception/ parlor area, and the new Worship space. The scale of the main space is a unexpected and awe inspiring. Four intersecting steel and wood arches span the main assembly space which seats over 600 people.

Office spaces are above the choir rehearsal area and restrooms, and this new wing of the building links to the existing social hall.

The project was awarded “The Lily” by the Rancho Santa Fe Association for its design, and the Congregation experienced a 25% growth in the year after its completion.