tailored collaboration

Our team works together in an open studio which by design fosters collaboration. Each project is unique and we assemble a tailored collaborative studio team with the skills which can best manage and solve the architectural challenge. We extend that collaboration beyond the studio and involve our clients in the design process to assure you get the architectural solution which best supports your family’s desires or your organization’s mission/goals. Consensus building throughout the project is imperative to its ultimate success.

our mission

Regardless of the project type, our philosophy is consistent. Each project is unique and responds both contextually to the environment and to each client’s stated goals and desires. Beautiful spaces enhance lives with beautiful forms and details but above all, our spaces are functional and work as they are programmed. In all of our designs and in our church designs specifically, we strive to express and evoke an ethereal connection which is something beyond four walls and a roof. Light, space, quietness and form, all have the power to transcend the ordinary, even in the most utilitarian space. We attempt to be truthful with the use of materials and express the truthfulness in the structural design, striving for timeless solutions which will not go out of fashion or deteriorate, thus preserving value to our owner occupied projects.

our process

Our process begins with a consultation with one or more of our Principals best suited for your project type and you – an individual of an organization, a principle of a school, a building committee member or a home owner. We desire to meet so we can listen to your desires, look at your site or building and assess the scope of the project. From that point we will put together a fee proposal for the scope of the project for your consideration. That often begins with a Letter Agreement for a stipulated sum followed by a full service American Institute of Architects Agreement. A small group of architects, tailored to your project, will meet in the studio and charette your project to arrive at several design solutions which are then refined and presented to you in participatory meetings, collaboratively involving you/your team in the design development of the project along with our consultants. The client involvement in the development of the project assures success, meeting your goals and provides you/your group authorship of the design and builds consensus. Sustainable design is discussed and encouraged throughout the process as we ultimately work towards a zero impact building.

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At domusstudio we appreciate that every project is unique and look forward to providing you with a tailored solution you’ll be proud of. To get started on your project or to request more information, please contact us today.