C3 Church

c3 Church took a different approach to finding their home and bought a new, never occupied, tilt-up industrial type building located in a new business industrial center. While there was not enough height for two stories, our design provided steeper stadium seating that allowed some over/under square footage and increased the buildings useable area from 10,700 to 12,033 square feet.

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This approach provided the needed additional space to meet the church’s program needs, and also created a very unique and intimate worship environment and very generous and current lobby/cafe. The Assembly space holds 423 people. The overall program also includes “Kidz Church” which is a series of classrooms and restroom facilities. The lobby shares exterior space with a glass roll-up sectional door, a cafe and a bookstore. The focal point of the lobby is a wire mesh curtain that closes to create meeting rooms within the Lobby space providing multi-use of space.