Our studio has designed and built over a hundred plus custom residential projects in La Jolla, San Diego, Del Mar and a few others beyond the state line. “Domus” is Latin for house, and we love houses. Three of our residential projects have been selected as “Home of the Year” (1993, 2005, 2010), and five different residential projects have received A.I.A. awards including the La Jolla Shores House which received a A.I.A. Merit Award in 2014 and the Grand Prize winner of the Pacific Builders Conference Gold Nugget Awards. The home was the third LEED Platinum home in San Diego. Sustainability is always included in our design approach. Our residential projects have been nationally recognized and published. domusstudio architecture is a member of the American Institute of Architects and the U.S. Green Building Council.

San Diego is rightfully famous for its mild and beautiful weather allowing us to create these wonderful spaces blurring the separation of and blending the indoors with the outdoors. This is for both physical connections and sight lines, spaces filled with natural light and ocean breezes. Some of our favorite spaces are the ones that are often not counted as square footage, the outdoor “rooms”, or those where nobody thought about making a “place”. domusstudio’s biophilic design approach is an innovative way of designing spaces that connect people with nature.

Featured Residential Projects

All Residential Architecture Projects

215 South Pacific, Oceanside, CA
3262 Hawk Street, San Diego, CA
3930 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA
851 Forward Street, San Diego, CA
8785 La Jolla Blvd Mixed Use, San Diego, CA
Agape House, San Diego, CA
Alkhas Residence, San Diego, CA
Altobelllo Residence, Del Mar, CA
Askew Residence, San Diego, CA
Balboa – Nassar Residence, Del Mar, CA
Barclay Residence, San Diego, CA
Barnhart Residence, Poway, CA
Betancourt Waterman Residence, San Diego, CA
Bidegain Residence, San Diego, CA
Bonair Duplex, San Diego, CA
Boyes Residence, San Diego, CA
Bruns Remodel, San Diego, CA
Burer Residence, San Diego, CA
Byrd Residence, Poway, CA
Carrigan Townhouse, San Diego, CA
Casa de las Campanas Senior Living, Rancho Bernardo, CA
Cerasoli Bayside Walk, San Diego, CA
Chatsworth Apartments, San Diego, CA
Chen Residence, Solana Beach, CA
Chula Vista Three, Chula Vista, CA
City Heights Senior Residences, San Diego, CA
Coffman Residence, Del Mar, CA
Craig Residence, San Diego, CA
Dronet Remodel, Del Mar, CA
El Capitan Residence, Del Mar, CA
El Craroso Residence, La Jolla, CA
Emerson Museum Lot, Del Mar, CA
Erb Residence, Los Angles, CA
Erickson Condo, San Diego, CA
Feldman Residence, San Diego, CA
Fitzsimons Roman Remodel, San Diego, CA
Forth Remodel, Del Mar, CA
Freyss Residence, San Diego, CA
Fulton/Sawyer Residence, San Diego, CA
Galey Residence, San Diego, CA
Gatun Residence, Del Mar, CA
Geiserman Residence, San Diego, CA
Gilligan Remodel, San Diego, CA
Girard + Kvasnicka Residence, La Jolla, CA
Gleiberman Residence, La Jolla, CA
Gluckman Residence, Del Mar, CA
Good Residence Remodel, San Diego, CA
Hardesty Falcon Street, Del Mar, CA
Hart Residence, La Jolla, CA
Harvey Houses, Del Mar, CA
Heumann Residence, Rancho Bernardo, CA
Hoehn Residence, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Hopkins Residence, Del Mar, CA
Houston Residence, Del Mar, CA
Hoyt Residence, Del Mar, CA
Hoyt-Kirsch Front Street Condominiums, San Diego, CA
Judd Residence, Del Mar, CA
Kates Beach House, Oceanside, CA
Kelleher Residence, Del Mar, CA
Kendrick Remodel, San Diego, CA
Kern Carport, San Diego, CA
Kirn Residence, Del Mar, CA
Klett Condominium, San Diego, CA
Kunkle Residence, San Diego, CA
La Jolla Farms Residence, La Jolla, CA
La Mar Stratford Senior Housing, San Diego, CA
La Mesa Village Plaza, La Mesa, CA
Lamorandier Residence, Del Mar, CA
Landaal Residence Remodel, San Diego, CA
Larson Duplex, San Diego, CA
Lavender Residence, Del Mar, CA
Leucadia Apartments, Leucadia, CA
Lewin Residence, San Diego, CA
Lirman – Pablo Residence, San Diego, CA
Livingston East Residence, Del Mar, CA
Livingston West Residence, Del Mar, CA
Luddy Remodel, Del Mar, CA
Lynberg Residence, Del Mar, CA
Maple Residence, Del Mar, CA
March Residence, Del Mar, CA
Margolin Residence, La Jolla, CA
Martin Residence, San Diego, CA
Mayeda Kitchen, San Diego, CA

Mc Pherson Duplex, San Diego, CA
Mcguire Residence, Carlsbad, CA
Mcpherson Play Del Sol Residence, La Jolla, CA
Mcpherson Residence, Del Mar, CA
Monsef Duplex, Del Mar, CA
Nantasket Condos, San Diego, CA
Newell Street Residence, San Diego, CA
Newman Residence, Del Mar, CA
Nooren Residence, La Jolla, CA
Ocean View Duplex, Del Mar, CA
Oceanside Strand Residences, San Diego, CA
Oliver Residence, Del Mar, CA
Olson Remodel, San Diego, CA
Oman Houses, Del Mar, CA
Orbzut Residence, San Diego, CA
Ostertag Residence, Del Mar, CA
Pacific Pines Condominium Renovation, Encinitas, CA
Pacific View Home I, San Diego, CA
Parker Residence, San Diego, CA
Paskin Residence Remodel, San Diego, CA
Petrarca Tenant Improvement, San Diego, CA
Pfister Residence Remodel, Del Mar, CA
Piacentini Residence, San Diego, CA
Playa Del Sur Residence, La Jolla, CA
Polich Residence, Encinitas, CA
Post Residence, Del Mar, CA
Potiker Family Senior Residences, San Diego, CA
Primm Residence, Las Vegas, NV
Puesta Del Sol Condo Remodel, San Diego, CA
Rhett Cottages, Del Mar, CA
Rhoda Drive Residence, San Diego, CA
Riley Remodel, Del Mar, CA
Rios Homes, San Diego, CA
Romine Residence, Del Mar, CA
Rosengarten Residence, Del Mar, CA
Royal Oaks Senior Housing Conceptual Design, San Marcos, CA
San Elijo Avenue Residence, Encinitas, CA
Schroeder Residence, La Jolla, CA
Schultz Remodel, San Diego, CA
Scripps Residence, Del Mar, CA
Scudi Remodel, Del Mar, CA
SDSU Lutheran Campus Center, San Diego, CA
Sea Village Condominiums, Del Mar, CA
Seidel + Bertolaet Residence, La Jolla, CA
Sentre Valencia Lots 2 & 3, Del Mar, CA
Sherman Residence, San Diego, CA
Shiff Residence, Del Mar, CA
Singleton Residence, San Diego, CA
Sitton Remodel, Del Mar, CA
Skerrett Subdivision, San Diego, CA
Skyline Village Senior Residence, La Mesa, CA
Smith Mar Scenic, Del Mar, CA
Snakewall Lot ‘T’, Del Mar, CA
Southpark Mixed Use, Los Angeles, CA
Stirling Residence, San Diego, CA
Stratford Court Duplex, Del Mar, CA
Stratford East House, Del Mar, CA
Stratford West House, Del Mar, CA
Sullivan-Sanford Residence, San Diego, CA
Sweedler Residence, Del Mar, CA
Teemsma Residence, San Diego, CA
Thomas Residence, San Diego, CA
Tree House, Del Mar, CA
Triangle House, Del Mar, CA
Tsakiris Residence, Del Mar, CA
Tucson Residence, La Cholla, CA
Vasques Residence, San Diego, CA
Vegh Bluff Top House, New Port Beach, CA
Via Felino, Del Mar, CA
Vulcan Subdivision, San Diego, CA
Waite Residence, Del Mar, CA
Ware Residence, Del Mar, CA
Waxenberg Residence, Del Mar, CA
White House, Encinitas, CA
White Jr. Addition, San Diego, CA
Windansea Beach Homes, La Jolla, CA
Winston Residence, San Diego, CA
Wittemore Master Bath, San Diego, CA
Wright Residence, Del Mar, CA
Wu Residence, San Diego, CA
Zapo House, Del Mar, CA

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At domusstudio we appreciate that every project is unique and look forward to providing you with a tailored solution you’ll be proud of. To get started on your project or to request more information, please contact us today.

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