Selecting finishes and putting a material board together is more than just finding a color scheme. It’s about selecting materials and finishes that will improve the quality of the space and enhance the user’s experience. At domusstudio, the user is the focal point of every project. We select finishes that enrich the spaces that we design and we strive for timeless solutions which will not go out of fashion or deteriorate, thus preserving value to our owner occupied projects.

Colors and materials can have an effect on our mood, productivity level and possibly even our appetite. There are different factors that should be taken into consideration when putting a material board together, such as the function of the space, the size of the space, the amount of time that people will be spending in the space, the age group of the users and the mood that you want to give off.

A material board for a preschool is going to be very different than a material board for a retirement home. Similarly, a material board for a hospital is going to be very different than a material board for a restaurant. Thoughtful consideration is put into the materials and finishes selected by domusstudio.

Here are two material boards that we have put together for two of our projects that are currently in construction. Stay tuned for updates on construction!