Check out some photos of our new Parish Hall at St. Therese of Carmel in San Diego’s Carmel Valley, just recently dedicated.  It’s getting great reviews, and as you will see, it works equally well for performances, dinners, and Parish School sports. The special carpet we commissioned is key; you can bounce a basketball as if the floor is wood.

Most of the time, churches that build gyms for youth programs then have their church dinners “in the gym.”  My own church many years ago built a dinner hall that won’t work for sports at all.  Not too cool for the youth.  More formal churches struggle to allow plays, school-type events or videos in their Sanctuaries up on the chancel space.

This space at St. Therese does the triple duty (dinners, stage performances, sports) without any of the functions feeling terribly compromised.  Everyone seems happy, especially with the amount of money saved.  In fact, scheduling becomes the only problem.

Glenn Thomas at GCThomas pulled this together for us. His beautiful and affordable flooring was a macro mural design (that is, each roll is butted and stretched next to the other to create a mural design) which is possible on a tapistron machine.

We were concerned that the court lines wouldn’t line up with such big rolls and the required tolerances, but they were within a half inch when installed.  ”B Carpet” is an all loop, low profile dense carpet represented in San Diego by Glenn. Visit his website at